El Dorado Rums are made from 100% Demerara sugar in Guyana. Smooth, rich and full flavoured, the range contains aged rums that mix perfectly into cocktails as well as legendary sipping rums; the 15 Year Old has won the 'Best Rum in the World Trophy' a record 7 times.
El Dorado will be showcasing it's 5 Year Old rum in a swizzle containing pineapple juice, tea syrup and peach bitters.

Since opening in 3 years ago, Wax Jambu has become one of Islington’s best loved bars, synonymous with fantastic cocktails, impeccable service and some of the best DJ nights in London. Board their candle lit sunken galleon in Wax's Rum Cove, to experience a vast array of flavours from over 70 different rums from their travels.

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