A blend of the Caribbean's finest - rich, aromatic, 12 year old rum from Jamaica is masterfully mixed with a smooth sweet, fruity rum from Barbados and finished with an elegant, balanced dry rum from the home of carnival, Trinidad. Recently recognised as the finest white in the world at the prestigious Miami Rum Festival, these 3 Stars of the Caribbean come together to make exquisite cocktails; adding refinement and a taste of the tropics to your daiquiris or mojitos.

Step down into Mahiki on Dover Street, Mayfair, to transport yourself to a Polynesian Paradise.  Set over two floors, it’s the ultimate destination for the cocktail lover, with its tiki décor, delicious fresh fruit cocktails and tropical flowers adorning every Honolulu Honey’s hair. Loved by the A list, how will they fare at a Tweat Up?

Tweat Up